Technical and Converting Papers

Get NORPAC quality for specialty applications including envelope conversion.

Products for Special Applications

In addition to familiar printing, publishing and office papers, NORPAC manufactures a variety of technical and converting papers for specific applications. These include:

  • Orca Envelope, with quality opacity for content privacy

  • Orca Engineering Laser Bond, ideal for wide-format printing on inkjet and laser printers

  • Orca Tablet, model for all types of converting applications

  • Norbrite Tablet, high-bright, groundwood designed for tablet manufacturing

Tailored Performance

Each of these technical or converting grades is produced with an eye for end use and attention to weight, brightness, caliper and opacity concerns. The Orca grades rely on kraft pulp for outstanding brightness and opacity, while Norbrite Tablet delivers a high-brightness groundwood grade suitable for tablet production and binding.