Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

NORPAC’s commitment to the environment sets the pace in the paper and print industry.

From safety and performance to environmental stewardship, our actions respect our resources and the planet we share. 

Respecting the Raw Materials

Wood and paper products are still some of the most environmentally friendly products in society today. The wood fiber in our paper comes from sustainably managed forests and is certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) Certified Sourcing standards. Our wood chips are repurposed from sawmill residuals or pulp logs unsuitable for other uses. FSC®  Chain of Custody and PEFC™ certifications are also available for organizations following those purchasing standards. In addition, NORPAC operates a modern deinking plant which processes recovered papers such as newspapers, office waste, mixed paper and old corrugated containers for reuse in our products with recycled fiber. 

Reducing Chlorine

Our high yield pulping process is chlorine free. NORPAC TMP papers are totally chlorine free (TCF). Kraft paper is elemental chlorine free (ECF). And our recycled paper products are processed chlorine free (PCF).

Recovering Valuable Resources

Finally, our sophisticated energy and water recovery systems ensure low water use, low carbon impact, and clean operations and we use biomass fuels from manufacturing to lower greenhouse gas emissions and foster a healthier, more sustainable environment.

Additional Information and Resources