Natural Choice™ Copy Paper

Better for the Environment and Your Bottom Line

Natural Choice™ copy paper is the responsible choice for sustainable paper and a sustainable bottom line.

This affordable, environmentally friendly paper is ideal for your everyday copying and printing needs.  Use it in personal printers, high-speed office laser printers and inkjet copiers. Its high opacity, excellent formation and resistance to curling make it ideal for two-sided printing, reducing waste and saving even more money. 

Natural Choice Copy Paper has earned the buyers Laboratory's certification of approval.  This means you can count on Natural Choice for 99.99% jam-free performance on a wide range of copiers and printers.

Natural Choice 30, made with 30% recycled fiber, helps close the recycling loop while delivering the same bright, consistent sheet and excellent printer and copier performance.

Specifications include: 

  • Multi-purpose
  • Standard 8.5 x 11 size
  • Buyer's Lab 99.99% jam-free certification
  • Less post-print curl
  • 20 pound (75 gsm) basis weight
  • High Opacity:  96%
  • Acid-free for archival permanence
  • Ink-jet ready

The Green Choice

Care about your impact on the environment?  If so, print on Natural Choice.  It’s your best choice for sustainable copy paper—and the numbers prove it! 

  • 92% less impact on the earth
  • 74% less waste to landfill
  • 44% less CO²
  • 47% less water used
  • 44% less impact on human health
  • (All values compared to standard copy paper)

An image of NORPAC's Natural Choice PaperHow We Do It

Natural Choice paper is produced using sustainable raw materials and advanced technology. In fact, NORPAC operates one of the most efficient thermo-mechanical pulping (TMP) systems in the world. Our process relies on clean steam and physical grinding to separate wood fibers, rather than harsh chemicals.

In addition, our process conserves far more valuable wood fiber and produces less waste than competitors making paper pulp using a chemical bath. That’s why our paper can be so cost-efficient as well as greener. Natural Choice delivers nearly twice the yield of standard copy paper.

Even most recycled-content copy papers are made using chemical pulping and require some new wood fiber. That puts the sustainability of Natural Choice a step ahead.

Less waste—a higher yield—and a greener production process.

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