Using NORPAC's Calculators

Before you make a paper purchase for your home or business, it’s helpful to calculate exactly how your purchase will meet your needs. Measuring how much paper you’ll need, as well as the effects of using that paper is difficult on your own. At NORPAC, we’ve provided nine different calculators to help you assess your paper needs

  • CO2 Savings Calculator

Our CO2 savings calculator lets you calculate the amount of CO2 you’re saving by using NORPAC Natural Choice Copy paper as compared to standard uncoated freesheet copy paper. Our Natural Choice paper is made with 30% recycled fiber and has a 99.99% jam-free certification. Natural Choice requires 44% less CO2 and 47% less water to create than other industry standard copy papers.

  • Job Estimator

The job estimator tool allows you to calculate the total expected cost of your paper needs. The calculator functions with both English and Metric system measurements and can help you factor in the total cost of your project.

  • English/Metric Converter

Our English/Metric converter is a simple tool that helps you convert English measurements into Metric and vice versa.

  • Linear Footage Calculator

The Linear Footage calculator takes your roll weight, area of basic size, basis weight and roll width to calculate the estimate linear feet that you’ll finish with.

  • Slab Loss Calculator

Using our Slab Loss Calculator you’ll be able to take your slab thickness, original roll diameter and total roll weight to estimate both slab loss as a percentage of roll weight, as well as slab weight removed in total pounds.

  • Printed Pages/Start-up Calculator

Our Printed Pages/Start-up Calculator takes the basis weight, page width, page length, square feet per page, printed pages per pound, pages per copy and total start-up copies to calculate your total start-up waste in pounds.

  • Weight Calculator

The weight calculator is a simple tool that uses roll diameter, core diameter and roll width to determine your estimated roll weight in pounds for your paper needs.

  • Basis Wt. to Grammage Calculator

This calculation tool uses the basis weight and basic size to calculate your grams per square meter, and vice versa.

Whether it’s determining your slab weight or measuring the CO2 you’re saving, our calculators make it easy to find the answer to complex equations. At NORPAC everything we do is centered around meeting your paper needs in a way that contributes to a sustainable and healthy future. We invite you to learn more about how using NORPAC’s paper can benefit your organization or business.