We are a 400 employee, non-union mill at our headquarters in Longview, Washington.

We produce 750,000 tons of paper annually and have three of the world’s largest and fastest paper machines. Every day we make enough paper to produce a 30-foot wide sheet extending from Seattle to Miami.

In-house Sheeter

NORPAC is pleased to announce the start-up of our new cut-size sheeter. After almost two years of having to outsource our sheeting, we’re thrilled to have our own in-house sheeter up and running.

We are now producing a wide range of cut-size papers, including Orca Copy Paper, Orca 30, Natural Choice and Natural Choice 30. Inventory is available for immediate shipment. Please contact your sales and customer service representative or email us for more information.

NORPAC ships to three warehouses across the states:

The Delivery Network
6504 Prescott Ave
St Louis, MO 63147

Neill Cartage & Warehouse Berkeley
5400 Proviso Drive
Berkeley, IL 60163

Franklin Storage LP
900 Kriner Road
Chambersburg, PA 17201